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Põlva County is located in Southern Estonia, surrounded by Tartu County to the north, Valga County to the west, Võru County to the south, and Peipsi and Lämmijärv and the Russian Federation to the east.

Total area of ​​Põlva County is 1823.34 km2, which makes Põlva County the 3rd smallest county in Estonia. Distinctive features of Põlvamaa are the clean and pure nature, also the well-known places of natural beauty, business opportunities related to rich natural resources, high-quality living environment and preserved and developing cultural heritage. Proximity to nature, small active communities and beautiful nature make Põlvamaa an ideal place to live.

All this together with traditional village landscapes and larger compact settlements form an excellent living environment to attract new residents as well as the silver economy could emerge as one of the business branches of the future. The message of a close-to-nature living and business environment is summed up by "Põlvamaa - Greenescene", which has been the motto of the county for many years.

The Association of Municipalities of Põlva County unites the three local municipalities of the county - Põlva, Räpina and Kanepi. The activity priorities of the Association are culture, education and various cooperation activities on county, regional and national level. In addition, we are responsible for the implementation of various nationally supported programs. The goal of Association is to stand up for the development of the county and promote the cooperation of local governments through a competent and balanced leader of the county agenda.

Founded on 23 February 1994, the aim of the Association of Municipalities of Põlva County is to contribute to the balanced and sustainable development of the county and the preservation of cultural traditions through the joint activities and coordination of local authorities. The members of the association are the three municipalities of the county that were formed after the local government council elections in 2017 - Põlva municipality, Räpina municipality and Kanepi municipality. The governing bodies of the Association are the Governing Board.  The work of the Association is managed by the Board. The chairman of the board is also the chairman of the Association. The day-to-day work of the Association is organised by the Association's office.